Traditional Fresh Brews for Immunity

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Strike a balance between Yin and Yang – cold and hot – to maintain your body’s natural balance. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), excessive heat can cause your body to react negatively, lose appetite and experience discomfort. While heatiness can stem from various factors, hot weather is a major factor that contributes to the imbalance.

Drinking cooling Asian brewed beverages, however, is one of the easiest traditional ways to rebalance your body. Just like how a mother would painstakingly brew only the best herbs for her child’s well-being, we’ve carefully selected the best ingredients that can help you find Yin-Yang balance and strengthen your immune system:

  • Barley
    Barley is a nutritious grain that is commonly used in soups and traditional tonics. Traditionally known for its cooling properties, barley is popular not just as a natural remedy for sore throats and fevers, but also as a refreshing beverage enjoyed by many living in tropical climates.

  • Water Chestnut
    Water chestnuts are considered rich sources of disease-fighting antioxidants. A finding showed that phenolic extract of Chinese water chestnuts strongly inhibited omega-6 fatty acid oxidation and has a high free-radical scavenging activity, which is superior to ascorbic acid and butylated hydroxytoluene, two commercially used antioxidants (You, Y. et al. (2007). Identification of major phenolic compounds of Chinese water chestnuts and their antioxidant activity. Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 12(4), 842–852).

  • Wolfberries
    Wolfberry, or goji berry, is another traditional ingredient that is loved by generations for its health benefits and antioxidant properties. The bright orange-red berries have been studied as a dietary supplement for eye health, as they are a natural source of zeaxanthin, which plays an important role as a retinal pigment filter (The British Journal of Nutrition, 2005). Vitamin A, which beta-carotene is converted into in the body, also maintains healthier skin and supports the normal functioning of the eyes and the immune system (Nature Reviews Immunology, 2008).

Brewed to perfection from carefully selected natural cooling ingredients, the NutriWell range is a sure-fire way to beat the heat and restore the body’s balance. Enjoy the goodness of fresh brews certified ‘Healthier Choice’ by the Health Promotion Board, with 25% less sugar, no added preservatives, and no colouring. The range of traditional brews include:

NutriWell Barley​

Widely used in soups and traditional tonics, barley is known for its cooling properties. It is also a good source of essential minerals like selenium, phosphorus, copper and manganese which the body cannot produce. NutriWell Barley is brewed with dried winter melon for a pleasant hint of sweetness and to enhance its cooling properties.

F&N NutriWell Chrysanthemum with Wolfberry

NutriWell Chrysanthemum with Wolfberry

For generations, brewed chrysanthemum has been widely acknowledged as a cooling drink and prescribed as a relief for sore throat and fever – illnesses that are often associated with the hot weather. Floral with a naturally sweet aroma and refreshing taste, it is also a popular drink among those residing in tropical climates. The addition of wolfberries packs a dosage of antioxidants and vitamins that aid in fortifying the immune system.

F&N NutriWell Water Chestnut & Sugar Cane

NutriWell Water Chestnut and Sugar Cane

Made with water chestnuts, a good source of potassium, Chinese herbalists believe they help sweeten the breath and strengthen the lungs and stomach. Sugar cane juice is well loved for its taste and contains health boosting proteins that aid natural metabolism.