Rewinding back time: Anti-ageing

Rewinding back time: Anti-ageing​
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Anti-Ageing is a common topic when it comes to beauty. Walk past a cosmetic aisle and count the amount of anti-ageing products – it’s a billion dollar problem.

Ageing is a natural process. According to traditional chinese medicine (TCM), ageing refers to essentially stem cell degeneration, whereby organs slowly start to lose its ability for youth maintenance.

However, there are ways and ingredients to mitigate the process of ageing. The key organ we’ll be focusing on is the skin.

With the skin, there needs to be nourishment through increased blood circulation. This needs to be done through supplementing the heart, spleen and lungs. Internally, the spleen provides the source of blood and qi (vital energy), and the lung is responsible for disseminating the blood and qi to the skin. These two organs ensure the skin is constantly nourished. Here are some ingredients found in NutriWell that can help:

  • Wolfberries: Wolfberries help to support your eyes and skin through the presence of antioxidants and beta-carotene. With an abundance of vitamins and all the 8 essential amino acids, it helps to restore and repair the wear and tear in your body.
  • Red Dates: Red Dates help our skin retain its moisture and increase its elasticity. Loaded with vitamin B and C, it boosts your immune system and nervous system. Moreover, the presence of pantothenic acids keep skin supple and glowing.
  • Sugar Cane: Sugar cane contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) which reduce the appearance of blemishes and skin inflammation. Rich in antioxidants, it helps to reduce the level of free radicals. Sugar cane also boosts your metabolism and aids digestion.

Through these benefits, the skin should experience a betterment in texture and elasticity, improving the overall look and helping to slow down ageing.

However, the most key factor to consider in anti-ageing is one’s lifestyle. NutriWell recommends nourishing the skin from the inside out through a good balance of dieting and exercising. By supplying the body with good nutrients and maintaining it well, our skin and organs can retain its youthfulness.

Try F&N NutriWell Chrysanthemum with Wolfberry , and F&N NutriWell Water Chestnut & Sugar Cane to aid your journey in anti-ageing.