Health's Golden Triangle

The number 3 is seemingly the golden number for balance and completeness. Similarly, an individual’s health is depended on these three aspects:

  1. Mental wellbeing
  2. Physical fitness,
  3. Emotional health.

Simply put, it is not enough to look good. You must know you look good, and equally important, you should feel good about looking good. Here are six simple tips to achieving this harmonious balance:

Health's Golden Triangle
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The immense popularity of this ancient Indian form of exercise has propelled it into the mainstream in recent years, but its main benefits of physical and mental therapy have not changed. Its deep breathing exercises help bring about relaxation and alleviation of stress, while its positions or asanas promote flexibility and strength of the muscles and joints.

Relax over a cuppa​

Chewing on your nails over the numerous spreadsheets and charts for tomorrow’s meeting with a big client? Relax, you’re not going to be able to focus with your mind darting all over the place. Chuck the computer, pick up a magazine or novel, sit down with a cup of hot tea and savour its uplifting warmth and soothing fragrance. If you prefer it icy and refreshing, simply drop some ice cubes and a slice of lemon in it. When the tea’s gone, get back to the computer and pick up your pace again! The chemical compounds in tea help to promote a relaxed yet alert mental state.

Green peace​

Nope, not the environmental do-gooders, but something just as good. In the mornings or evenings, take a brisk walk or leisurely jog at a nearby park or reservoir. As you sweat it out amidst the lush tropical greenery, gentle blue waters and fresh air, feast on the sights and sounds of runners with their playful dogs, couples holding hands, and parents teaching their children to bike and blade.

Keep playing​

Hold on to those mahjong tiles and playing cards! Contrary to popular belief, playing these games will not lead you astray or get you addicted, most of the time anyway. The social interaction and strategising necessary in games like these help to sharpen your thinking skills in a fun and laughter-filled environment. In fact, with an ageing global population, increased research in this area has even yielded promising findings that regular mental stimulation helps to stave off diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Spa indulgence​

Is it a soothing deep-tissue massage you need for your tired back, or a vigorous foot reflexology session for your aching feet? Our hectic, modern lifestyles often leave us at the mercy of physical ailments, but thankfully, we can fight back. A mere two-hour full-body massage can work wonders on your tightly wounded soul and battered body! Spa treatments are too expensive, you say? Fear not, with all-in-one beauty salons springing up not just downtown but in the heartlands as well, there is definitely a treatment for every pocket.


Take some time out everyday to count your blessings and show your loved ones how much they mean to you. It could be as simple as secretly leaving an affectionate note in the wife’s purse, or as elaborate as cooking a six-course dinner for the parents. Remember, love and be loved in return. In times of trouble and adversity, nothing triumphs the odds quite as certainly as love and support.

There you have it, six simple tips to looking good, feeling great and thinking sharp. Put them into practice right away and reap the benefits!