Snow Pear 雪梨

Snow pear helps promote overall skin health by moisturising the skin and promotes better bowel movement due to its high dietary fibre content. Often consumed in the colder weathers, it helps to nourish our lungs better when it is worn out. They are considered to have a cold and nourishing nature that helps to balance the yang in our bodies and prevent dryness. It also cools “heatiness”, alleviates phlegm and reduce thirstiness.
1 Rich in antioxidants
2 High in fibre while low in calories
3 Pear juice is healthy, mild and safe to be introduced to children diet
4 High pectin content is ideal for lowering cholesterol levels
5 Drinking pear juice regularly help to regulate bowel movements​
6 High fructose and glucose content makes it a great natural source of instant energy
7 Nourishes the throat and helps to prevent throat problems


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