Red Dates 红枣

Red dates, also known as jujube, has high lutein content that eliminates free radicals in the body, and is a natural anti-depressant by supporting mental agility. This sweet and warm-natured fruit is primarily used in TCM to treat spleen and heart deficiency issues through tonifying qi and nourishing the blood. It also induces tranquilisation through the soothing of various organs in the body.
1 High lutein content helps to mitigate the issue of free radicals in your body that is primarily responsible for the lapse of cancer
2 The presence of oleamaide in dates help to act as an anti-inflammatory
3 Rich in iron, it helps to replenish and tonify our blood
4 High levels of potassium helps to regulate our blood pressure
5 A myoprotective agent, it helps to boost heart health through the presence of polyphenols


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