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F&N NutriWell is the modern and convenient way to savour the healthy taste of tradition.


All about balance

All about balance

With a healthier body, comes a healthier life! NutriWell introduces a trinity of key aspects to keep in mind to achieve a state of bodily harmony and an overall balanced life.
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F&N NutriWell retains the authenticity and well-known health benefits associated with traditional refreshments. Freshly brewed with no added preservatives, it also has reduced sugar content and is certified Healthier Choice by the Health Promotion Board.

The Brewing Process


Raw materials

We begin the process by adding in our special blend of natural ingredients, such as chrysanthemum and wolfberries, into a brewing tank

Treated water​

Next, we add in hot treated water into the brewing tank with the natural ingredients

The Brewing Process 1
The Brewing Process 2


Extraction/brewing in hot water

From there, we let the concoction brew slowly to extract the flavor from the ingredients

The Brewing Process Move 2 - 3
The Brewing Process 3



To make sure our beverages stay fresh and good without any preservatives, we pasteurise all our products to eliminate any remaining bacteria or pathogens


Filling into Tetra Brik​​​

Once cooled, we strain our beverages and start filling the cartons with the finalised brew

The Brewing Process Move 2 - 3