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Delectable Highlights:
White fungus is believed to be beneficial for the lungs and wolfberry is good for the eye sights. The chewy jelly-like texture and the natural sweetness of wolfberries make a perfect complement to any flavour from the F&N NUTRIWELL series.


Servings: 2
Preparation time: 3 minutes
Total cooking time: 10 minutes

Small white fungus x 2 pieces
Wolfberries x 30
F&N NUTRIWELL Chrysanthemum with wolfberry x 300ml
Honey to taste (optional) x 2 tsp

  1. Wash and drain white fungus and wolfberries well.
  2. Soak white fungus and wolfberries in boiling water for 10 minutes.
  3. Remove white fungus and wolfberries from water and drain well. Place in a serving bowl.
  4. Pour F&N NUTRIWELL Chrysanthemum with wolfberry into a glass or bowl to serve.
  5. For better taste, add in 2 tsp of honey.


White fungus in small sizes is preferable and more presentable. Honey enhances the natural sweetness of this dessert.


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